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Olivewing Journals and prompts are here to provide you with a clean slate to gain clarity, step into your power, and to throw out the fear and doubt that can hold you back so that you can attract a life beyond your wildest dreams. The designs and prompts are meant to inspire you to dream big and elevate your life.

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Journal Prompts

Each journal comes completely blank so you have a clean slate to fill with your vision. If you’re looking for guidance, we have four different journal prompt packs that correspond with different areas of your life. From self-love and fear to money and career, choose the area you want to focus on and dive into the prompts to remove blocks and receive clarity.

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Musings on Mindfulness

The Power of Girlhood

The Power of Girlhood

Many have deemed the summer of 2023 the summer of Girlhood. With the Eras Tour, the Beyonce tour and the Barbie movie, it seemed like women across...

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